bieux l'boiseür


bieux l'boiseür began music at the age of ____ in a quiet ohio town . he played the double bass in orchestra and became interested in electronic music and composition as a teen . after attending college for music he decided to travel . his journeys begat many adventures : bieux took on many faces . below you may recognize some of them via the links . bieux is now back in college for graduate work in southern california . despite his dedication to electronic music composition, bieux is an out-doors type of rugged stature . he also enjoys playing other instruments such as a bendable saw . bieux's music is very interesting and well thought out . i hope you enjoy


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the many faces of bieux l'boiseür :

Purveyor of Colorado's Finest Kosher Coffee

Chairman of the Waveform Subcommittee Meeting

County Board Executive Committee Member for the Vermillion County,Illinois

Mr. Peggy Bannon


RoboRama Competitor (3rd place in the Quick Trip!!!!)

I was robbed!!!!!!!!!!

Orlando Mall Representative

Campus Crime Sleuth

Director National Accounts

Preferred De-Mounter

Morning Radio Host

Resources Conservationist for the National Resources Conservation Services

Did I mention I built robots?

Rolling Stone Freelance Photographer

Woodwind Repairer and Oboist

Nordic Tugboat Owner

Principal, Bitburg High School, Germany

Principal, Heidelberg High School, Germany (I left in 1999)

Percussionist, Rockville Musical Theater

Worked All States Certificate Holder????

Information Contact, Master Gardeners Association, Iowa County, Wisconsin

Vice President of Research and Development, Nickelodeon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Member, Institutional Effectiveness Committee, South Florida Community College

Motorcycle Riding Shriner!!!!!!!!

Gloucester Catholic High School Running Back

Not quite. How scary.,23008,3304208,00.html

End Wall Baffle User

3rd Best 75 Year Old Male Badminton Player in the US

AWOL Representative for the Cleveland Yale Club

Gun Afficionado

Guest Speaker at the Rotary Club of Guelph, Ontario

Nature Photographer

Men's Soccer Coach at Wilmington College (Go wildcats!)

Recently Retired Scientist with the Forest Service

Toilet Door Namer

Minister, Welsh Memorial Baptist Church, Frostburg, Maryland

1990 MVP, International Softball Congress