bryce beverlin II

doves dream lyrics


lezbians and frisbees :
lezbians and frisbees being thrown by

greatest show on earth :
ok listen up ladies and gentlemen
veterans vitamins specimen letterman
tell a friend pedalin’
amphetamine medicine medalin
hematology skeleton trojan velatin
reverend see no evil since solomon
origin motherland
must I begin babbling?
amphibian oblivion
i’m livin’ the life of ten men following a mannequin that leads you
straight into a brick wall you sure fall like berlin
you believe in oppression lesson learnin’ zen
gatherin melanin oxygen
wonder if this never could truly never be comprehended
i bled so sick when down to a mic and a pen
it’s the greatest show on earth

the audience is manipulated by the benevolence kind mountain
poison keen justify recollect sunken boisterous wallow
devoted dominate vanity vanguard assimilation
accusation aggression stolen light picture convexity contrast
prepare aware
humanize imitate overpower initiate
dispell this spell
transgression transcend transmission
lurking avarice secluded passe mundane fleeced
dim obscure evangelistic prophet
evoke revoke dominion legend load
flamboyant judgemental swift vex sex decadence and solitude

maybe I should warn you before I storm on you some more
disarm you and reform you
don’t wanna harm you or alarm you
but nobody’s leavin’ here till they stop breathin’ and choke
ever since I was a child teethin’ and able to speak I spoke heathen
under this tent’s the greatest show ever seen ever heard
from the evergreen to the neverland ranch you never dreamed
but you slept and I witnessed it
it’s over your head it’s way outta your grasp now
you’re outta weed outta cash outta gas and you’re outta style
outta place and you’re outta line and you’re outta touch and you’re outta
and you’re outta turn outta tune and you’re outta wind
and you’re one outta ten who must be outta their goddamn minds
i ’m outta reach i’m outta you’re element out of the ordinary outta sight
i’m a outsider
it’s outta my hands i’m outta this world on the mic
and this is the greatest show on earth

aceyalone sends his wishes to all the frightful night out on the groupie circus
under the stars electric traveling bazarre packed with laughter
how far do you have to go to see the half-man amphibian show
sarcasm at it’s best but of course the exhibit’s droppin’ right into your
neighbourhood parking lot structure
colorful gleamin’ beamin’ neon ferris wheel
the kid in all of us fool
you want a ticket what is magic a woman being sawed in half
and live to talk about it you’ll see her spine gyrate
or have a gypsy read your palm and tell your fate
we’ll have the great bandini’s opening act a spoon bender
he’ll do his thing kid shook his coat and he dropped a fork
ta da!

it’s a concrete forest of course it is of course it is
the lamp posts are the oak trees the street tops are the streams
the natives all stay inside their huts until that bright sun beams
then slowly they crept out to get some air
some argued some screamed some beamed some slept
some re-tatched some wept some hobbled some betrayed
some planted some begged some parted others laughed
some paniced some breathed some movement by the trees
somebody some magical logical something in the loom
some whom shall I say someone is watching every step you take
some doom is waiting for you in the shed
some thought some book some other’s point of view
some bled some bland some music by the band
some danced some stood some drunk some plotted
some plant some growth some joint some exotic
some gather in the end and they bought the farm
some dared some apple some charm some scared
some hands around your neck some place some scapel
some trouble some fallin’ from beginnin’ to end
but never could understand
the greatest show on earth

sunburned sheriffs :
sunburned sheriffs
once the familiar
heavy-whiskered walleyes walls and bells
olfactories again
hounds delicious happenstance
i found your silky demons

different people :
i remember the time when i found out that
hellen keller and anne frank were different people
i remember the time when i found out that
elvis and bob dylan were different people
i remember the time when i found out that
george washington and abrahm lincoln were different people
i remember the time when i found out that
darth vader was luke's father
i remember the time that
those were the same person but different people
i remember the time when i found out
that i was different people
manifesting myself in everyone else's consciousness
the people that i had meeten
the people that i had eaten
the people i had ______
and said happy birthday to
i remember the time when i found out

doves :


snakes from a distance
patience falls fails
a patient bawls under night flowing to a flower next

his tight task gasping for nothing

grip the north ^ ming and the porcine
and hated for
one not able
to bleed inside
in silence
grind grate gravel :: in my eyes
in my teeth
in my grave
in my cloth
cough wind beyond wail
camp beneath the swell
bang buckets in mourning
wear black and a full mask to the table

hack open the master
let my life flow beyond the churning
let it carve the sickness away
let them cut my head off
please make this world go away

i am in pain. i am in pain.

get high :
get high

life's echo outstretched :

get high
life's echo outstretched


66 trowels :
troweling atop their 66 trowels
a puma
tall small end symbols in launcher
the center
apply permanence

timmy goes ganolfing fro :
you find that you start in the second chapter
i skip the first thing of everything
that would mean a star on the second
i wonder if you have anymore for me
this seems like a beatles tribute
till we get to this part

this part is sort of wierd
i know that you have red dog pizza in the oven
and i know we're done with yous
the puss instead of other one who
wears a bowtie like a canibal
wears a bowtie like hanibal

i turn
i like to be hurt
i don't care
that's right
humor hate

suck my blood out :
i want you to suck my blood out
i want you to say
i want you to suck my blood out
i want you to stay

97.12.29 :
to be the devil in hong kong today
boy i'd hate to be alive today
shot in the back with a sawed off friend
if you read it too you'd wish it would end

once again i open my eyes
once again i start to cry
herds of sheep and hated men
throw it away and read it over again

i read all about the lovely person
the man that they once knew
such a lovely scrapper
i bet they'd hate to hear the news
oh no now

a woman arrested in her morning gown
she thought she was the only one
too dark they had to turn away
from the sight of her two boys that she drown

oh well
did she read her news today?
about her horid lovely crime
and how the worms will eat away
when we bury her alive

i read the news today oh god
about myself and all rest
about a man too blind to see
a woman too high to take the test

oh now
oh no oh no what have we become?
oh no now

well i read your news today oh god
about myself and all the rest
about a man too blind to see
a woman too high to take the test

well now you killed him because of his race
beacuse of his faith because he was gay
well look in the glass did you get what you wanted
or is it too dark you have to turn away?

dream :

wipe that smile off your face :
wipe that smile off your face

sanded meat :
sanded meat
land the trig function
leap onto the liver mound
a soul hath been ground
juicy two-peas : the crouton crew please!
lift the lavatory out of its misery
dan quail? sailing jib inequalities
this could be the problem
is this the solution?
lotion brought to fruition or boredom?
you make two calls
both of them raced around something unknown
some to tone and some to pick off the unseen bone
sounds like a round could be worried or lasted forever mispers
hill giant
click tricks
mork and cindy
she gives it
the rich no longer get richard, they get dant rather for one shower period
the load has been given
the snow been delivered along blanket of blistarded masts and casted bowls
the souls and doles of rome come crying
alone above the scores bent listed and moored to moors
laughed and grafting every chance they get
i have a stove and a sink
the banister is non-existint
it does not tint or tant splintered floorboards or produce produce like you like it
lick it
she likes it
she hikes these days and loves me as we love our independence
a dance within among art and warmth



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