612noise is available on 93 minute chrome cassette tape for $5 here


cock e.s.p. – now that’s what i call penis
cookie – meat dream
hxdmnzmbcrps – drmrmr
ghostband – hear my train a comin
baculum – erratic emotion
ice volt – brittle intention
hagony – the minneapolis noise scene sucks donkey balls
disthroned agony – chest glitter
timmy tapeworm – one snappy rabbit
new port – sex & the butcher (edit)
mono ray point – para helix
steve earnest – northern shallows
monsters of pot – sonic supremacy
heatdeath – pink and green
death blossum – crawlstation II
archive [mike hallenbeck] – nilbog

dick flange – boris yeltsin and the fjords of bjorgenstein
devillock – thrown
jaron childs – girl in national costume
visions of christ – verkehr
the hair – wonderful
bunk data – shrouded code
using – cleans with fade
zombie bite – nibi
senator butthole johnson – a clammy exchange
cool ranch – our phase
jesse petersen – chasm
mango sleeves – jackson
cell phone – good morning music
the slob – beat loop forever season


download all in .zip


612noise represents a wide breadth cross-section of noise artists in the minneapolis/st.paul area
from harsh to minimal - drone to chaos
diy venues to net labels - bedrooms to tape clubs
this scene IS donkey balls


artwork by tony remple




insides music lesson 56