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1. opening

2. green eyed atari

3. bluevatar

4. lazer bellz

5. video pop

6. blue eyed atari

7. mike gillilan

8. martian birthday

9. game over


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Bluevatar is a unique creature of strange sounds and old synthesizers. When it awakens, its inner gears and circuitry start to flicker and flash creating music and sounds. It blends a mix of near and far. Glitched to perfection, crushed bit by bit, pitched up and down to desolation. The Bluevatar creature tells a musical story with this album so listen and it shall be heard.


From the depths of a dark and cold new york apartment, Steve Brickman started to experiment with some old keyboards and drum samples. While working at a nuclear plant, he suffered severe radioactive damage from a full station meltdown. Left with half plasma and half face, a two part creature was born. On one side, the sounds of glitched hip-hop instrumentals are heard. Opposing that is old video game type music. Venture into each realm to see what you can find.


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