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Composed entirely of field recordings made across the United States,
"Living Daylight Savings Time" unfolds as a long-form piece epic in scope
yet intimate in detail. The work explores subtle yet radical audio
transformations, juxtapositions, and transitions over long periods of
time, patiently emerging over about 50 minutes.

The start of the piece plunges the listener into a darkness that gradually
reveals itself as the hustle and bustle of a food court in NYC's LaGuardia
Airport. Lawn sprinklers, sea lions, windblown leaves, and a variety of
public spaces (the New York Public Library, the midway of the Minnesota
State Fair, the interior of an airplane at 30,000 feet) materialize and
coalesce, eventually dissolving or unraveling into digital oblivion. The
resulting dream logic explores a new wilderness humankind has carved out
of the old one.

Headphones recommended. Enjoy!

A listing of recordings used, roughly in order of appearance (multiple
listings indicate re-appearances of sounds):

Food court, LaGuardia Airport, New York City
College stairwell, Minneapolis
Lawn sprinklers, Minneapolis
Trolley ride, San Francisco
Sea lions, San Francisco
Basilica, Minneapolis
Windblown leaves, Minneapolis
Cricket, Minneapolis
Airplane interior at 30,000 feet, Minneapolis-NYC
Pigeons under overpass, St Cloud MN
Basilica, Minneapolis
Frog pond, rural Wisconsin
Blinds in breeze, Minneapolis
Public library, New York City
Midway, Minnesota State Fair, St Paul MN
Indoor fountain, downtown Minneapolis
Racquetball court, Minneapolis
Bells, basilica, Minneapolis
Fireworks, Minneapolis
Assorted applause, Minneapolis/ St Paul




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