bryce beverlin II

doves dream


1 : purple7.7
2 : dart : sail into my mouth
3 : lezbians and frisbees
4 : violin
5 : g123
6 : greatest show on earth
7 : when i'm funky
8 : sunburned sheriffs
9 : drums 1.12.18
10: AM
11: drums and bowel
12: different people
13: drums
14: doves
15: catcher's keeper
16: get high
17: life's echo outstretched
18: down the well
19: blue sø9

[ play all doves ]


1 : solfeggietto
2 : hazza : shave my nickers
3 : bass
4 : violinniloiv
5 : mouth97
6 : 66 trowels
7 : timmy goes ganolfing fro
8 : suck my blood out
9 : 97.12.29
10: purple7.6
11: dream
12: 12
13: beat 1.6.11
14: 10
15: stump grinding
16: further down the well
17: wipe that smile off your face
18: FM
19: sanded meat

[ play all dream ]


for brandy : my dove, my dream

these two discs are the results of taming skeletons in my closet. each cd relies on the other for support like a dart in the fort wall. an explaination of the tracks follows. feel free to ask me questions at


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1 : purple7.7 : embelishment of purple7 . what is the time signature?

2 : dart : sail into my mouth :
the boat ride of lazerus and lisa begins as the burning town drifts into the distance

3 : lezbians and frisbees :
inspired by the neighbor girls . sometimes tunes won't leave my head and i have to get them out . now i pass this one on to you . lyrics

4 : violin :
loop of recorded violin . composer unknown . anyone?

5 : g123 :
galloping into sadness

6 : greatest show on earth :
lyrics by eddie hayes aka aceyalone . recording of live performance on senior percussion recital may 2000 with shorin sen on bass, don nichols on drums lyrics

7 : when i'm funky :
remix of madep's "when i'm 6"

8 : sunburned sheriffs :
musical realization of a daily poem . lyrics

9 : drums 1.12.18 :
recorded during a time of frequent drumset playing . cousin cody playing 'jaws' and 'burgertime' on nes in background

10: AM :
4 tracks of separately recorded AM radio in chicago . tones and fuzz . dogs, satanists, and pondhocking . interweaving and dodging

11: drums and bowel :
originally recorded on my friend's answering machine and he sent me the recording . the second half of the recording was my rantings on 'bowel' but that has since been destroyed . the name stuck

12: different people :
i remember the time i found out john wilkes booth and mc hammer were different people . simple and straight . guitar and voice . lyrics

13: drums :
drumset improvisation . date unknown . stopping and starting . interrupting with corruption

14: doves :
poem written in late summer 03 . new orleans was a disaster and i was then separated from brandy . it was a painful late summer and fall lyrics

15: catcher's keeper :
loosely based on the rantanen chronicles . inspired by light perched atop the sadness

16: get high :
conglomeration . a nation of rations distributed evenly and levely swiveled with bevelings lyrics

17: life's echo outstretched :
dance of the dead . fruit is lit on fire . lyrics

18: down the well :
floating on a trip down the sanctuary

19: blue sø9 :
the kernel of this flowing piece is a soundscape due to interference between three electronic devices. the first instrument is an am radio tuned to a non-used frequency and run to the recording device, providing the source of sound to manipulate. the computer monitor is the second instrument, which is periodically turned on and off and can be heard as loud ‘punches.’ the third instrument, the computer, is computing digits of pi; this sound is a soft ‘crunching’ deep in the mix.



1 : solfeggietto : written by carl phillip emanual bach . i tried to play it as fast as i could

2 : hazza : shave my nickers : originally titled 1.5 and 6 . does that clear things up?

3 : bass : documentation of machines munching on tape to continue living . they don't need much, but when they get hungry, watch out!

4 : violinniloiv : same loop as 'violin' on doves cd but one track is backwards and one track is forwards laid atop eachother . interesting organ grinding melodies grow like plants as violins turn into flitting insects

5 : mouth97 : obviously insipired by john zorn's early tape recordings taken to my absurd 97 dorm room recording level . i spent a lot of time alone pondering and creating in my 8x8 cell in the plex

6 : 66 trowels : poem written the day after 'sunburned sheriffs' in late 01 . parallel to the other . lyrics

7 : timmy goes ganolfing fro : after noodling around on my sister's guitar for a few days i came back to certian paths . this is one of them . sounds a bit like a beatles song to me . water sounds are recorded at lake harriet by the moored sailboats of the rich people . the 'i turn' voice is my own from the save vs/spells track 'ascent' which was once on the chopping block for remixing . this track turns into a grotesque treatment of a french pornographic clip i pulled from the internet and then manipulated : starting and stopping repeatedly, running backwards and then eventually treating . lyrics

8 : suck my blood out : another set of words that wouldn't leave my head in that melody . a sort of farce of nin's reznor . i just imagined him doing something with those words . something grand and loud . then i thought my bloops and bleeps at the end were a much more interesting end . lyrics

9 : 97.12.29 : boy! indeed . written in late late 97 as i woke up on a beautiful wintery morning visiting home from college and the newspaper is riddled with chicken viruses jumping species in china, a man found to be innocent after they put him to death, another man who shot his friend in the back with a sawed off shotgun, a woman who drown her two kids by pushing her car into the lake as the children were strapped in their carseats and inhaling water . it just reduced me . i was so ashamed of the state of our collective consciousness . i immediately had to deal with all of that so i borrowed my father's guitar and recorded this song in a couple hours on a 4 track . i couldn't ever find a title of words appropriate so the date remains as the appropriate title . sounds of the news are infused including deaths from bullets aimed at a pregnat teenager in a school shooting in gary indiana, designer babies, authorities finding a link between a nurse and a high rate of death in a certian hospital . it makes me sad to think about it all . very dark . lyrics

10: purple7.6 : solemn interpretation of purple7 . every time i play this song it is different

11: dream : poem written and recorded in late 01 for brandy . as the title illudes, a dream in which i was a contestant in the roman tradition . metaphors allow insight . the cat in one sense is the woman . the crowd, king, game, and guards partially represent the difficulties of life that seem to contain you . beat you back . keep you from what you really need to do to satisfy your heart . lyrics

12: 12 : coincidence brings this track to number 12 . flotsam and jetsam . death doesn't float forever

13: beat 1.6.11 : drumset beat that eventually worked its way into negative artist's piece 'summer' . sister and i quote julian 'sit down and have a cup of tea'

14: 10 : rocking rhythm on the synth i have been playing on the piano for years . by rocking i mean the hand motions, not in any chuck berry or slayer sense . in 15 . vocal treatments and additional sounds toward the end compliment the bold buzz

15: stump grinding : recording of city workers sending tree limbs into the mulcher . brandy breaks a glass but she's ok

16: further down the well : these are the findings of the rabbit i sent down the hole to explore . once his fur was cleaned and analized it was clear that futher exploration of the well was necessary . the recording is the same as 'down the well' with additional treatments

17: wipe that smile off your face : sometimes we don't smile enough . sometimes we smile too much . sometimes it's the right time to smile . sometimes it's the wrong time to smile . lyrics

18: FM : 4 tracks of separately recorded FM radio in chicago . angels and jamiroqui . reggae and big band .

19: sanded meat : poem written in early 03 . performed in chinese 'bias' art festival . tones are from a toy piano i traded for a pickup truck . lyrics

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