ides of november

november 15 2002

an experimental recording at daedalus studio in chicago. using many microphones with performances in several areas, this cd is a sonic mixture by paul olejarkzuk.

: track listing :

1. faces of juno
2. knubzzygul's tears
3. field trip to the bagel factory
4. herbival
5. goliath vs. colossus
6. i've got my ion, you!
7. mumak!mumak!
8. outermission
9. the suns rise on min-aesotah
10. of mice
11.locusts devour hektor's corpse

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the ides performance series is organized by andrew fife and occurs on the ides of each month. ides of month is a performance celebration that occurs on the 13th or 15th of every month, featuring a variety of pieces by artists and performers of all disciplines. the event takes place at daedalus studios in chicago's andersonville neighborhood. the evening takes different forms, depending on the current collection of poetry, theatre, dance, music, and visual arts present. the ides of month is produced and recorded by members and associates of the ides arts collective, which provides resources to independent artists. more information at

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