lord order biography

Samuel Jason Thomlinson

I'm sick of all these hardcore
artists telling and overwhelmed about how
true to their art they are.
Why am I sick of it
because I was one of them
The best thing I ever did was stay away
from drugs alcohol and cigarettes.
Yeah I took some peyoti once and
believe me I know it is a addictive drug.
Just the thought of it lets me know.
but I am not addicted to it and now
I know that is the greatest thing I have ever done.
I just lost my uncle.
he died because he drank too much.
I lived with his mom and him my whole 21 year old life.
In order to understand my mind setting,
listen to metallica - nothing else matters.
And I am a great person.
So when I cry it means something.
He knows that I am hurt about the loss of his
god given friendship and family hood.
The last year and a half of his life he spent
smoking weed with me.
So stop crying you little bastards.
cause it means nothing to him.
It's the person I've become.
I would tell you secrets but I chose
to let the darkness rise.
In order to understand this situation
listen to DMX - here we go again.
That is why I stop being loving to other
people. love is for the weak. understand the
light of the world instead.
instead of white light.
Every time I tried to help somebody they
spit in my face.
Now the game is figuring out how to get
rid of all the dirty tainted love in this world.
It's like grey matter. Some of it is pure white
but most of it is grey. It doesn't matter
We need to stop being so drone like and breath
when we need to. It's like Kurt Cobain
being too lazy to play his guitar beautifully
and using the white noise pedal. Now is
it ok to go back to the good old days?
I now contemplate at the brink of getting
just what I need.
I am happier than ever before and it is
all for you.
but now from now on I enjoy the consequence
of being so good to you people.




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