by virtue of the fact


play all

1) 8.30 (A)

2) 8.6 (B)
3) 9.9 (C)
4) 8.30 (E)
5) 8.6 (C)
6) 8.30 (C)
7) 9.9 (D)
8) 7.12
9) 8.30 (D)
10) No Object Implies the
Existence of Any Other Pt 1

11) No Object Implies the
Existence of Any Other Pt 2

12) No Object Implies the
Existence of Any Other Pt 3

13) 8.6 (A)
14) 9.9 (E)
15) Bowed China
16) 1.18
17) 8.30 (B)
18) 9.9 (A)
19) 9.9 (B)



J.K. Brogan – radio (18)
Kieran Daly – electric mandolin (2, 5, 13, 16), open-circuit pedals (18),
sine-waves & media recordings (10-12)
Ray Evanoff – amplified objects (1–9, 13, 14, 16-18)
Sam Sfirri – clavinet (8 & 18), piano (3, 7, 14, 18, 19)
Ron Wiltrout – percussion (4, 6, 8, 9, 15, 18)

Produced & Edited by Ray Evanoff
Mastered by Ron Wiltrout
Recorded variously by J.K. Brogan, Kieran Daly and Ron Wiltrout
Album Art by Kieran Daly

I began looking for an avenue to release what was to become this album in the spring of 2007, shortly after many of the playing relationships which appear on this recording were first established. The 6 months or so since that time have seen a development and maturation of all the musicians involved in this project, both in terms of individual approaches and aesthetics as well the group dynamics of the seemingly-endless amount of permutations available to us. It was my hope that this recording would successfully represent the current stage of our development both as individual musicians and as a community, although practicality has led to the omission of at least as many active groups as those included, not to mention many of the ever-growing number of musicians in our area who are becoming interested in free improvisation. Thus, as a document, this album is limited and therefore imperfect; nevertheless, I feel that it effectively demonstrates the scope and vibrancy of Charleston’s improvised music community, and am proud to have taken part in the conception and implementation of this project, as well as grateful to have had the opportunity to work with and befriend the musicians involved.
~Ray Evanoff
Charleston, SC
October 2007


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