Volume 1

The Book

French For BS

Gimme That God!


My Beer, Mister Shane

C'mon Now

Ready 2 Die

Ambient Fingers

Intro to Werewolves

Werewolves of Beat Street

Hair-do U.S.A.

Pretty Purpose

You're Your Anthrax

Hotel Cinnamon Gum


Dying To Be Hated

Fab Sabbath


Starts with C

6/8 For Sammy

Jerusalem On One Ambient Song a Day

He Helped Me Nail His Head To The Vatican


Andy Laughs

Record on the Turntable

God Is Gas or Flea Bleach

Lame Now, I Think


Coke & Rum


Come Inside, My Darling



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For the past six years or so, I’ve been making music while I was supposed to be working.

All of this music was made entirely on the Windows Sound Recorder program while I was at my office, working for the state of California. Since we're allowed to listen to music at work (on headphones), and since my job is extremely boring, I began sampling small bits of a lot of different artists, and cut-and-paste mixing them into short tunes.

This is the first compilation in what promises to be a large series, as the total number of completed songs numbers around five hundred.

100% sampled materials, recorded and mixed using only Windows Sound Recorder version 4.0.



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