twin cities free improvisers



1. This Kind Of Music
Jaron Childs (saxophone)
Charles Gillett (guitar)

2. The Low Door In The Wall
Joseph Damman (clarinet)
Kevin Cosgrove (electric shelf)
Elaine Evans (bass)

3. Good Mouthin
Mike Hallenbeck (laptop)
Edward Schneider (saxophone)
Jonathan Davis (bass clarinet)

4. Breathable
George Cartwright (saxophone)
Davu Seru (drums)

5. Surprise Duel
: Aerosol Pike :
Philip Mann (drums, bass clarinet, piano)
Rick Ness (multi-tone marching bugle, B flat clarinet, drums)
Ryan Reber (cello, soprano saxophone)

6. Sensitive Fist
: Squid Fist :
Casey Deming (tape and electronics)
Timothy Glenn (percussion and electronics)
Bryce Beverlin II (percussion and voice)

7. Definites And Possibles
Stefan Kac (tuba)
Viv Corringham (voice)
Scott Newell (saxophone)

8. Hobo’s Dream
: Pink Room Trio :
Emel Sherzad
Jim Harpole
Paul Metzger

9. Hook Flooded 13 Times
Alden Ikeda (laptop, percussion)

10. A Proach
: Dubbelboss :
Mitchell Dose (percussion)
Andrew Lange (bass, electronics)



Liner notes by Milo Fine may be read here



Artwork / design by Casey Deming


Pressed CD in screen printed, hand folded package with letter pressed liner notes


Edition of 242

Order CD here


The CD release show on June 26 2012 featured
performances by some of the ensembles on the release
with Milo Fine reciting a cut-up version
of his liner notes as shown below








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