zach seldess

124 milton st. extract


for five musical glasses

for ten musical glasses


124 Milton St. Extract is the first of a series of "extractions" in which I take a personal sonic experience and attempt to recontextualize it while retaining the interactive sonic terrain of the original experience, but only loosely using (mostly as a point of departure) the original sound material. This particular extraction resulted from elusive and beautiful sounds that I encountered while taking two showers at the address 124 Milton St., NY. Having said this, I want to emphasize that the specific origin of this extraction is irrelevant to its reception. The importance of the piece lies rather in the way the musical parts interact, and in the way each listener/performer individually perceives those interactions.

In the piece, events occur but the line between where those events end and one’s mind begins is blurred. The sounds, residing at the thresholds of audible and visual perception, are confused. This situation is a type of real-life counterpoint –––– the traditional goal of hearing all the individual voices at once is impossible. What is heard is a combination of one’s environment and direction of mental focus.




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